1/2 VW Conversion Plans, 30hp
1/2VW Engine, 4cycle 38hp, 87lbs
Briggs and Stratton 20Hp, 4 Stroke,
Rotax, 28- 75Hp, 2 strokes
Zenoh, 22 - 45Hp, 2 Stroke, 53 - 90Lbs
Model A Engine Info, 4 Stroke, 40-90Hp, 250Lbs
SOLO, Germany 20Hp 2 Stroke 20Kg
Raket, 14.9HP 2 Stroke 6.9Kg

50-75 Horsepower
FlyGas, Supercharged 4 Stroke, 71hp, 57kg
RevMaster, VW Conversions, 75hp, 4 Stroke, 165lbs
HKS, 60HP, 4 Stroke, 103Lbs
HCI Aviation, 75Hp, 4 stroke radial 122Lbs
Great Plains 57 - 85Hp, 4 Strokes 153-188Lbs
Able Engines, 1/2 VW 4 Stroke, 63HP 96Lbs
Raven Redrives, 4 Stoke Geo Metro 65HP
Hirth 2706, 2 Stroke 65Hp, 96 Lbs
Ken Brock VW 4 Stroke 75hp, 146lbs
Compact Radials. 2 and 4 strokes, 17-45kg

75-100 Horsepower
Mystery Engine spotted in Germany by Rene!
VW Engine Centre, 4 Stroke 100hp, 95kg
Fly Corvair, Corvair Conversion, 4 stroke 6cyl 100HP, 205lbs
Rotec Radial, Radial 100HP, 194lbs
Limbach Engines, 4 stoke 100Hp, 77kg
Compact Radial and ZanZottera Engines, 2 Stroke 97Hp
Able Engines, 4 Stroke 100Hp 175lbs
Two Stroke International, Counter-Rotate 80Hp 112Lbs
Verner Engines, 4Cyl Opposed and Radial
Firewall Forward Engines, 4 cycle 100hp 226lbs
Jabiru Aero, 80Hp, 4 stroke, 123Lbs
Lycoming 100-400Hp, 4 Stroke
Rotax, 80-115HP 4 Stroke
Able Engines, 4 Stroke 100Hp
Wankel Rotary Engines 50-100Hp Gas and Diesel
Atkins Aviation, 60-160 HP Mazda Rotary Conversions
Simonini Motore Factory, 2 strokes
Ram Performance Engine Kits, 4 Stroke Subarus

Over 100 Horsepower
Rev Engines, 4 Stroke 200-300hp
CrossFlow; 4 Stroke 180-350hp
RotaMax; 4 Stroke Rotary 170HP, 153lbs
EPI Engineering; Custom conversions 100+ HP
ZanZottera B2000,2 cycle, 170hp, 51kg
Mistral Engines Rotary, 190-360hp, 4 Cycle
Centurian 1.7 Diesel, 135hp, 134kg, 295 lbs
SMA Diesel SR305-230, 230hp, 423 llbs
Powersport Aviation Rotary, 4 Cycle, 215hp, 265 lbs
M14 Radial, 4 Cycle, 360hp, 214kg
Walter-LOM, 4 cycle 120-235hp, 231-339lbs
Franklin Engines, 4 Stroke 100+ HP
Lycoming 100-400Hp, 4 Stroke
Hirth F-30, 2 Stroke 110Hp, 129lbs
Allison Engine Company, Turbine
Cam Series Engines 100-175HP
Pratt and Whitney
Falconer V12, 4 Stroke, 640HP, 520lbs, Air-Racing
Innodyn Turbine, 255TE

Other Interesting Information
Scuderigroup Air HyBrid Engine
Mark Langford's Excellent Corvair Build information page
Rotary Engine Illustrated
A great set of EJ22 info/links from PRA chapter 34
EPI Enginering Gear Boxes
Jack Ericksons's Ultimate Aircraft Engine Compilation
Pictures of my Bonanza's E-185 engine torn apart
TCM Engine Specs
1/2VW Builders Group
Steve and Bruce's 1/2 VW engine project
Cessna 152 Sparrow Hawk Conversion
Elber's VW powered homebuilt in Brazil
Russ Erb's engine terminology and technology overview
Avweb article (Jug Jungle) on Cylinders
The Navion Files (excellent engine and airframe maintenance info)
Some good Continental IO360 Q&A discussions
An excellent tutorial on aircraft engine overhauls
MP14P Tips Page
Ageless engine radial blueprints, make your own!
Hot rodding/blueprinting a Briggs and Stratton Engine
MercanAir Rotary Engine, 200hp, 340lbs in final testing. Looks Promising!
Paul's Rotary Engine Index and information page
ECinc, Mfgrs of Engine Parts
Anatomy of the Aircraft Cylinder
Nick Carter Engines
PowerSport Reduction Drives for Rotaries
Van Bortel aircraft sales and engine parts
Western Skyways Engine Repair
The Quasiturbine Engine, Really wild!
Wilksch Airmotive, Diesel Aircraft Engines O-235 replacement
Larry's Turbine page
Diesel Air Ltd, Diesel 100hp O-200 replacement
M14P Radial Internals diagrams
Ed Anderson's Mazda 13B RV-6 Installaion
Ken's Homebuilt Parts and Supplies Page
Carr Twin 1/2 VW Engine Plans
High Efficency Aircraft Carburators
Delta Hawk V4 Diesel
Williams Jet Project (NASA Funded)
Good Engine Design Page
Real World Solutions, Everything rotary and aviation
An introduction to Radial Flying for the flat engine pilot
Another excellent flying rotary page
The New DynaCam Engine
DeltaHawk Diesel Engine Prototype
Nasa Funded Engine Research
Micro Sized Gas Turbines
Ray Hall Turbocharging
A homemade jet engine
Experimentation with turbines
A Turbine Powered Jet-Ski
Scott's MotorJet Page
Pulsejet Calculator Page
Mark Nye's Turbine experiments page
Jets and Turbines Mailing List and Resources
Rotax Owners Association
Orbital Engine Corporation (Direct Fuel Injection)
Simple Digital Systems Electronic Ignitions
Smart Plugs, Catalytic Spark Plug replacement
Late 20's to Mid 30's flying Diesel Plane
A Kitfox flying club page
The Groen Brothers Commercial Gyroplane
Fuel Injection Systems, EM-4
The MEGASQUIRT homebuilt fuel injection/control system
DIEHL Autonautical- VW Accessory cases and more
FAA Transponder problems and performance summary report
Cessna 175 accidents related to inflight engine failure

Other Aviation Sites and Products
FAA Advisory Circulars
Understanding TFR's in todays aerospace system
NASAs Aviation Safety Reporting System (Learn from someone elses Mistake)
Flame Corp, Aviation switches galore
Preferred Airparts. Great prices on most older parts and many new
Inexpensive Straight Weight Aviation Oil, Shipping included in prices
Selkirk Aviation, Fiberglass interor panels
Sacramento Sky Range Aircraft Parts
Desser Tire and Rubber Co - Aircraft Tires (home of the $33 aero trainer tire)
LB Graphics International. Online custom vinyl graphics & lettering
Flight Gadets, Misc Pilot Supplies
Matronics FuelScan and Aviation mailing list server
Kennon Aircraft Covers
Artic Aircraft Engine Covers, Manitoba Canada
Aces Pilot Shop
Engine and Airframe parts for War Birds
Landing light PAR-46 bulb list for bonanzas, etc

Building supplies and tools
Cleaveland Aircraft Tools
Avery Aircraft Tools
Aero Tools, Riveting Tools
Chief Aircraft, aircraft components and supplies
Wicks Aircraft, aircraft components and supplies
Aircraft Spruce, aircraft components and supplies

Porcine - cable handheld GPS to autopilot
CMC electronics (Northstars new keeper)
FreeFlight (Terra radio's new keeper)
VAL Avionics
Lowrance GPS systems
Garmin avionics systems
Bendix-King avionics systems
Trimble avionics
Narco Avionics
Magellan GPS systems
Sporty PilotShop JD-200 handheld
ICOM Avionics
MicroAir Avionics
SouthEast Aerospace Avionics
Avionics West
Eastern Avionics
American Avionics Online
Avionics Direct
Gulf Coast Avionics
Lafayette Avionics, Inc.
Pacific Coast Avionics
JA Air Avionics

Misc links regarding the Franklin 220 engine
List of 220hp STC Aircraft
Franklin 220 install notes in stinson
The Flying pumpkin C170 Conversion
Jeff Markens C170 220 conversion
Jeff Markens 152mph C170 with a franklin 220 conversion(details)
Franklin Engines, US Distributor

Interesting Engine Related Emails from builders
Bob Warfel's Subaru Powered GlasStar Test Results
Homebuilt Weight Table 1
Homebuilt Weight Table 2
NTSB Crash Summary of Auto Engine Wrecks
Engine Related Book Listing
Brian's Prop/Hub: specs, care and supplier information
Justin Mace's experiences with VW engines in Dragonflys
Jim Ayers talks briefly about his Walter/LOM powered RV-3

Email from Engine Manufacturers

Misc Engine Photos I've taken
Misc Engine Pictures

Misc Unsorted Airplane Photos
Misc airplane pics

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